Commercial Services 

A Wildlife Pro offers a variety of services to commercial entities. From Property Management companies, to retail stores, to grocery stores, AWP has you covered. With twelve years experience serving locations across the United States, we have experience with:

  • Birds inside your facilities- from birds of prey to sparrows, we utilize mist nets which is safe and inconspicuous to your customers;

  • Wild animals living in the attics of buildings – bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums;

  • Wild animals posing a nuisance or threat to people or property by way of their physical presence including direct disease transmission by way of bites and by way of their excrement. This can include raccoons, opossums, snakes, squirrels, rats, birds, bats, and more.

  • Unsightly and potential damage to landscape by digging and burrowing animals such as groundhogs and moles;

  • Infestations of buildings by animals such as bats, birds, or rats (rats on a limited basis).


A Wildlife Pro. LLC can provide the following:                                                                             

  • We are experts in the art of mist netting for birds inside facilities

  • Humane wildlife trapping and removal;

  • Birds of prey, such as hawks, ospreys, owls, Eagles and more;

  • Structural repair of damage where indicated;

  • Exclusion interventions to keep animals out for good;

  • Safe, dead animal removal and odor control;

  • Attic cleanup and decontamination;

  • Bat control, snake prevention and more.