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Squirrels! They rarely give such nice hugs

Black Rat Snake

Snapping Turtle

Crow caught in chimney

Black Rat Snake - they eat lots of mice! But you don't want it in your home

Fly Squirrel loose in home

Baby Raccoons in chimney

Black Rat Snake

Bat in vent

Unfortunate deceased fawn


Bird in bathroom vent

Bird in fireplace

Baby raccoons in wall

Hawk in airport

Raccoons in chimney

Groundhog tunneling under shed

Red fox

Flying squirrels in the wall

Bats get into a hole 3/8" or larger

Raccoon exclusion over a chimney

This small deceased mouse was causing quite a stink!

Raccoon point of entry into a home

A repaired raccoon point of entry on a home

Kris had to cut an access panel to get these baby raccoons out of a home

Skunks are certainly a nuisance

Raccoon in attic

A closed access panel installed to remove wildlife

Old, rotted wood makes for easy access for squirrels

Hawk safely removed from a store

A sunk where he belongs, outside!

Raccoon in chimney

This client found a python in her basement!

Raccoon babies

Kris and his friend Remy the Beaver

Hawk removed from a storage room

Where our 40ft ladders cannot reach, lifts are utilized

Pigeons can be unwanted pests too

Gertie always makes sure work gets done right!

Opportunistic squirrel

This squirrel chewed through electrical lines. This is very dangerous!

Electrical lines chewed on by a squirrel

Flying Squirrel feces in attic insulation

Flying Squirrel tunnels in insulation

Any gap will do

Raccoon scavenging through an open dumpster

Baby squirrel

Squirrels have been here

Trapped gray squirrel

Special trap for skunks so we don't get sprayed

An abandoned fawn

Snapping turtle where it should not be!

Squirrel exclusion over a louver vent

Black rat snake

Raccoon redecorating

Opossum with two babies

Red tailed fox pup

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