A Word from Our President




Wildlife is an integral and magnificent part of our ecosystem, when it remains within its own environment. However, when that wildlife breaches our homes and businesses, it can create serious health situations and cause costly structural damage.


A Wildlife Pro. LLC has years of personal, specialized experience dealing with numerous wildlife situations, control and removal.  Demographics, including population shifts and alterations along with land development, have all placed a burden on various wildlife populations. These alterations have accelerated the demand for control services by individual homeowners, small businesses and corporations.  In response to these needs, A Wildlife Pro. LLC has now expanded to serve a larger population. If you’re experiencing problems with wildlife, allow us to assist you.


We provide the utmost professional wildlife removal services to give the customer piece of mind. We are capable of handling the immediate problem as well as conducting site and structural inspections to identify both existing and future wildlife related concerns. Some of the more common problems that we encounter are:


  • Wild animals living in the attics of buildings – bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums;

  • Wild animals posing a nuisance or threat to people or property by way of their physical presence   including direct disease transmission by way of bites and by way of their excrement. This can             include raccoons, opossums, snakes, squirrels, rats, birds, bats, and more.

  • Unsightly and potential damage to landscape by digging and burrowing animals such as     groundhogs and moles;

  • Infestations of buildings by animals such as bats, birds, or rats ( rats on a limited basis).


A Wildlife Pro. LLC can provide the following:                 


  • Humane wildlife trapping and removal;

  • Structural repair of damage where indicated;

  • Exclusion interventions to keep animals out for good;

  • Safe, dead animal removal and odor control;

  • Attic cleanup and decontamination;           

  • Bat control, snake prevention and more.


Our mission is to humanely resolve conflicts with wildlife while providing first-class customer service. We specialize in wildlife removal and exclusion practices for both residential and commercial clients and we are fully licensed and insured for operations.


We currently have numerous nationwide contracts where corporations are often too busy to handle the call. A Wildlife Pro. LLC will contact a professional wildlife removal technician, have them respond, report back to them, solve the problem all with prompt invoicing and w-9 and insurance information when required.  All that is needed to initiate the process is a simple fax, email or call with a work order request, providing the address of the location and contact supervisor, and A Wildlife Pro, LLC will handle the rest. We handle the entire situation from securing the technician to providing an invoice upon completion with nothing else required by the client.


A Wildlife Pro. LLC works to resolve animal conflicts while minimizing harm or stress to the animals. We use live traps and relocate animals to more suitable environs. Toward that end, we diligently check our traps every day.


Our expertise comes from our experience and our dedication to our work and clients. We take every job very seriously, analyze each variable, and come up with the best solution for the situation at hand.


We welcome the opportunity to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 610-927-7792 or email at info@awildlifeprollc.com






Kristopher  Baccari

Owner- A Wildlife Pro. LLC.