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As an integral and magnificent part of our ecosystem, wildlife is best kept in their own environments. When they breach our homes and businesses, they can cause serious health hazards and structural damage. At A Wildlife Pro, we have years of specialized experience dealing with various wildlife situations, control, and removal.

Our services include humane wildlife trapping and removal, structural repair, exclusion interventions to keep animals out for good, dead animal removal, odor control, attic cleanup and sanitation, bat control, snake prevention, and more.


Our professional wildlife removal services offer peace of mind to our customers. We not only handle immediate problems but also conduct site and structural inspections to identify existing and potential wildlife-related concerns. Our customized solutions are designed to

meet your specific needs. We commonly deal with wild animals such as bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums that take up residence in attics, posing a threat to people and property. We also remove burrowing animals such as groundhogs and skunks that can dig tunnels under foundations, weakening their structural integrity and causing unsightly damage.


Our mission is to humanely resolve conflicts with wildlife while providing first-class customer service. We are fully licensed and insured for operations.


Contact us today via phone at 610-927-7792 or email at, and let us help you resolve your wildlife issues.


Kristopher Baccari
Owner- A Wildlife Pro, LLC

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